PBGN History

PBGN was founded in 1993 by Louise Keel in response to high interest in golf from women at Shell Oil. PBGN at that time was a national organization. PBGN is now a stand-alone and self-funding organization which has operated continuously since its founding. PBGN ladies come from across Houston and its surrounding areas and represent a diverse cross section of industries from big oil to entrepreneurs.

2022 Executive Board


Judy Brown


Mary Dees


Deb Marsh


Susan Thorne

2022 Board Members

Sat Playdays:

Tracy Moy

Sun Playdays:

Tracy Moy

Junior Golf:

Linda Yandell

Tee Offs:

Cindie Johnson


Becky Romero


Jan Weatherton


Rose Shaw

Round Robin:

Mary Dees


Jane Arnett


Kathy Zhang

PBGN Past Presidents

Year President
1993 Louise Keel
1994 Louise Keel Hite
1995 Pegi Ballinger
1996 Jeri Phillips
1997 Tracy Silverman
1998 Jeri Phillips
1999 Jan Weatherton
2000 Carol Crean
2001 Lisa M Russell
2002 Carolyn Devine
2003 Nancy Meyers
2004 Suzanne Dale
2005 Jan Hiroms
2006 Jane Arnett
2007 Donna Sue Brown
Year President
2008 Tracy Moy
2009 Carolyn Lewis
2010 Karen Dibens
2011 Cheryl Daily
2012 Kathy Kuo
2013 Claudia Lemons
2014 Rose Shaw
2015 Nancy Meyers
2016 Pegi Ballinger
2017 Mary Dees
2018 Lillie Scobie
2019 Pegi Ballinger
2020 Becky Romero
2021 Becky Romero


PBGN members are ladies of all ages and skill levels - from beginners to very accomplished golfers. Many of our members have played their first rounds with us. Click here to join.